Sid & Jac

#SALTS TRAVEL - Magnesium SALTS 200gr

B A T H T I M E!

Feeling a bit sluggish? Need a natural way to relax and let your worries melt away?

We think it is time for you to soak to in an #SALTS bath!

Epsom salts are famous for their therapeutic and healing properties. Let your tension melted away natural. Be kind to your body.

Directions for use: Run a bath at your desired temperature, Add 100-200 grams for best results, then relax for 20 mins. Don't have a bath? You can use #SALTS in a foot spa.

Get out of bath feeling amazing! Try it today and feel the magic of magnesium.
100% Natural Magnesium Sulphate. 
External use only. The Only Animals This Was Tested on Was My Sisters.