R-Spinasome® - The Ultimate Night Cream


R-Spinasome®, a proprietary patented extract of chlorophyllic cells derived from Certified Organic spinach leaves.

The Ultimate Night Cream is a luxurious and clean formula that combines the power of R-Spinasome® with squalane, hibiscus and orchid extracts, magnolia bark, and argan oil and is clinically proven to help improve skin elasticity, enhance skin brightness, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Your skin radiance redefined!

A luxurious night cream featuring:
R-Spinasome ComplexWrinkle, hydration, firmness, elasticity, anti- inflammatory
Squalane and Hibiscus ExtractsBarrier repair, moisturization
Orchid and Magnolia Bark ExtractsFirmness, elasticity
Smithsonite and Rhodochrosite ExtractsUVA and UVB protection
Broad Spectrum TocopherolsAntioxidants
Argan OilMoisturization, skin balancing
Avocado Butter: Nourishing
Meadowfoam Seed OilSkin balancing