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Ignite your Spark, get comfortable with your truths.


Bonuses Included:
12 Group Sessions
Self care mastery: Making taking care of yourself a priority because you understand that when you are better nurtured so is your health, your relationship and anything you try to create in your life can manifest from all those little, but accumulated actions of self care.
Hypnosis for health, abundance and joy, Stress & Anxiety relief
Fortnightly follow up calls
8 classes Deep Dive: Octate and your 8 aspects- Home; Death; Way of thinking ; Sex & Intimacy ; Self; Conflicts ; Freedom : Growth & Development


Do you struggle with staying on track? Do you feel like something is blocking your success? Is there something specific that you want to change or improve about your life, but can't quite figure out what it is?

Learn how to get comfortable with sharing your deepest desire, thoughts and dreams. Every Time you step into an uncomfortable territory you grow. One beam of light at the time.
Learn about the joy in repetition when adapting into new habits with our quarterly challenges for better health and focus.
Be able to be you without feeling judged or exposed as our group is small and like minded. Only kindness and compassion for a supportive environment.

I'm all for taking the time to find out. There are some incredible questions in this package that will lead us to discovering aspects of ourselves that need our full attention. It's not always easy, but it's worth trying because sometimes we need a little push before anything changes for the better. It's time to bring back energy and excitement and find the person you were born to be...

    Maya Bilalis

    Israeli-born Maya Bilalis is passionate about making you feel better about yourself by building your confidence with tailored skin and beauty treatments that deliver results. An intuitive beauty therapist with more than 25 years' experience. Maya started her business at home in Paddington then managed and owned a day spa in Woollahra called MAYA MEDISPA. Recently worked side by side the team at Woollahra Health & Beauty. Her attention to detail has been gained when teaching beauty therapy at the Strand College of Beauty where the highest international standard is acquired.  


    Maya specialises in non-invasive and holistic approach to skin care to deliver long-lasting improvements for healthy, glowing skin. Passionate anti-ageing facialist, advanced skincare programs, using cosmeceutical brands: Hydropeptide and Priori Skincare, Collagen Induction Therapy with micro-needling for a gentle and effective skin rejuvenation. Maya is here to help you relax, unwind and restore your inner balance so you can step back into the world feeling and looking great.
    Now, being part of a new concept @ Salon Lane based in Surry Hills Sydney, where multiple experts come together under one roof. Beauty, Hair, Nail, cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening and more. Professionalism, sophistication and all things glamour, fashion and self care come together.


    Maya believes that every one of us is beautiful!
    She believe every one of us wants to feel beautiful and so we are here to provide specialist skin services to help you feel beautiful. Now offering coaching and counselling as part of or separate from your beauty needs. I strongly believe it is all connected and influence each other. How you look is how you feel, just need to look closely. Maya is committed to improve, enhance and correct your skin concern. 

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