My passion for personal development, human interaction, human behaviours and the mind body spirit connection has led me to where I am today.
Going through life, sometimes more mindfully then other times, I can without a doubt say that I was always intrigued with us. You, me, society, how we relate to ourselves and especially how we relate to others.
Octate is a process for individuals and families that are dissatisfied with the quality of their communication and intimacy.
My product is new and unique. It's a way to discover and honour who you really are. It provides an authentic 'ID' that you can be proud of. Unlike other profiling, coaching & counselling products that offer a short-term product, this will support & serve you for years to come.
I find that this process has served my clients when they get stuck or when they need a reality check. An objective and non-judgmental one.
Together with other modalities, I can guide you through any feelings or situations of stuck-ness, not worthy, not soon as we discover what it is specifically for you.
If you can’t get the results you want in life right now, and willing to look at why and what else can you do instead, you have come to the right place.

Octate Process

2 hours | $200 | 1 on 1

Discover the map to identify 8 different aspects of yourself. This is a deep and intimate dive to unpack what is the specific hold you have on your true potential.

True Identity workshop

4 hours | $1000 | 8-10 participants

Work in a group to discover and explore the process of Octate. Get a chance to get a first glance on a map that makes you who you are, what makes you tick, what drives you, what holds you back. You’ll be working with like minded people, facilitated by me for guidance and clear direction.

Discovery Program 

3-4 hours | $395 | 1-2 consultations

This is designed to be working with you one on one. Going through the process of Figure 8 as well as other assessments and processes, so we can establish together, what is the best way forward for you. I will personalise an offer so you can consider, what are your best moves now.

We all want results in life, and we want them fast! sometimes missing a critical piece of the puzzle that has caused us failing or going around in circles, preventing us from getting to where we really want to be.

Full Program structure

8-10 hours | $2995 | 3-5 consultations

  • Qualification | 45-60mins

We both need to know if we are a match. Our style, our goal, our values.
What is your level of commitment to get the outcome you want?
We’ll be able to look into that during our discovery call and the initial questionnaire form.

  • Education | 90mins

I’m sure you had a chance to check out some of the reviews of clients I have already worked with, as well as the chemistry we will (or will not) develop by now. Following a through discussion about your expectations and mine, we will establish a better understanding of each other and know if we can actually work together.
Completing the program won’t give you the results, doing the work in the program will!!

  • Personalization | 90-120mins

This is when we will get to map out exactly what the issues are, the obvious and not so obvious ones. We will look at top priorities and what needs immediate attention in order to have the most impact so you can experience the change that you want in your life.

Figure 8 will start the process that will assist us with where would be best to start. I would then design a detailed and personalised program for you, and how we can go from there.

  • Elimination | 180-240mins

Here we are going to start the healing process using proven tools and processes that will support the change in your way of thinking, your habits, letting go of old beliefs, developing a way to make healthier choices and be mindful with your actions. 

  • Tasking & Next Steps | 60mins

A decision to make a change can happen in a second. Maintaining that change and making that a new way of living may take longer. In fact, a new habit takes 66 days, according to the latest research. This will be a chance to put all the new learnings into practice and looking at what can be a new step, with a new identity that has been created.

Yearly membership

$10,995           | 3-4 hours/per month

Ongoing support and structure according to the individual program provided.