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Journey to clarity, identity and sense of self.

TRUTH MASTERCLASS - Half day workshop

Bonuses Included:
self care package Our goal is to be able to engage all your senses. To facilitate that, we are including a wonderful self care package, specifically designed to assist you on the day. It is absolutely divine and has been curated by Bernice from Cherish & Adore to specifically support you on your journey during the event and beyond.
30 mins discovery call: This is a chance to understand your intention when hopping on this journey. We talk about your expectations, your needs and how to best approach this workshop so you can get maximum results.
2 hour follow up session: One of the most important part of the journey is seeing where you are at once all the information given is processed. The pace you choose to move forward is entirely in your hands.


Break to Octate can help you find clarity and direction in any situation that might be causing internal struggle or confusing you. The journey is never easy but through Octate process, we can break free from our comfort zones and gain a new perspective on life's pressures–both negative and positive.

When we feel safe to show our true selves, alignment will follow, which also helps us accept that all parts of us are loveable- just as they are! Even if some pieces have been neglected or forgotten about for many years inadvertently. This is a break to create space for self.

Maya Bilalis

Israeli-born Maya Bilalis is passionate about making you feel better about yourself by building your confidence with tailored skin and beauty treatments that deliver results. An intuitive beauty therapist with more than 25 years' experience. Maya started her business at home in Paddington then managed and owned a day spa in Woollahra called MAYA MEDISPA. Recently worked side by side the team at Woollahra Health & Beauty. Her attention to detail has been gained when teaching beauty therapy at the Strand College of Beauty where the highest international standard is acquired.  


Maya specialises in non-invasive and holistic approach to skin care to deliver long-lasting improvements for healthy, glowing skin. Passionate anti-ageing facialist, advanced skincare programs, using cosmeceutical brands: Hydropeptide and Priori Skincare, Collagen Induction Therapy with micro-needling for a gentle and effective skin rejuvenation. Maya is here to help you relax, unwind and restore your inner balance so you can step back into the world feeling and looking great.
Now, being part of a new concept @ Salon Lane based in Surry Hills Sydney, where multiple experts come together under one roof. Beauty, Hair, Nail, cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening and more. Professionalism, sophistication and all things glamour, fashion and self care come together.


Maya believes that every one of us is beautiful!
She believe every one of us wants to feel beautiful and so we are here to provide specialist skin services to help you feel beautiful. Now offering coaching and counselling as part of or separate from your beauty needs. I strongly believe it is all connected and influence each other. How you look is how you feel, just need to look closely. Maya is committed to improve, enhance and correct your skin concern. 

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