What’s love got to do with it?

While trying to get back into a rhythm or some kind, a routine of sort, I find myself going back to my notes, fishing for my own advice. What would I tell my friend, my client, my colleague. I seem to come back with the same answer and it leads me to my own simple, yet honest and effective advice… does that feel self loving to you?

When looking at this question you may find that it can be broken down to a few perspectives. One: connect to your feeling, your essence, your truth. Two: does it align with your needs right now. Three: does it meet your value. Four: YOUR value not others.

So I started observing my body, which at that point felt tired and cold. My head was in a frustrated mode. My heart felt tight, that whole chest cavity felt like it was shallow and not allowing breath through. That's what one can call energetic or emotional block. Have you ever experienced that?

I pushed myself away from the desk and gone up to have a long hot shower. I jumped into my comfy clothes, plugged in my iPods and tuned into a meditation. Now feeling my body again, feeling my heart’s desire, focusing on just the next action that would be again self loving, I find the motivation and the ease in getting back to my work. Living in your truth is a felt sense. Our body often tries to communicate that to us if we are off our true path, but it is pretty accessible the moment we check in. So please don't forget to check in. Regularly.

Living in your truth will automatically signal to what is needed right now. It will feel peaceful, content, joyful, calm. You know the feeling, don't you?
I can get on a stubborn wave of having to do things and drive myself into an overwhelm, that by the time I recognize that’s where I’m at, I’ll pop into a bit of self sabotage and negative thoughts. I mentioned some of that on my last blog: Blurry Reflection. I think some of that is still lingering as this weekend had continued the indulgence and the social events that have been missing from my schedule for quite some time.

Is that self loving? I ask myself.

How do I really measure self love? Is it by the care for body and mind? Is it by more actions or less actions? How do I know that I am on the right track and not just needing a rest? I can go on forever with those over analyzing questions, but the simple answer is to connect to what is true for me right now. Checking in if I am feeling hungry, tired, angry or lonely is a good place to start. Attending to those needs specifically is a sure way to a healthy self care practice. Often it is a simple conversation to get a true or another perspective. 

Even as a coach, I can find myself repeating patterns that I don’t desire to visit. The practice brings me back faster to acknowledging that and apply the change needed. Even if it is as simple as stop the negative talk. It’s not that easy to just flip to a positive thought. You need to get your body active and create a movement that will redirect the flow in your body and soon enough the direction of your thought.

What's love got to do with it? Is the question that popped into my head when I finally got myself out of frustration mode into more accepting and relaxing mode.
You see when thinking of creation, any creation, even a baby in my body, I know that self love is key. In fact it's a must. With out that love in every cell in my body, I would deny myself the ability to create life. That is an easy concept to believe in when you are at flow, when there are no other interventions in the process of your baby making, as originally was planned to be produced by love making. As I covered earlier, that's been off the table for a while now and still feeling sensitive on that department.

Although, even if you are not in the baby making journey yet, or any more, self love is an ongoing practice I would encourage and devote my work to. You may know of the 5 love languages and there we are talking about love given or experienced from other people or when interacting with others. That cannot be truly practiced if you haven't mastered or regularly practiced self care and self love daily. 

Please reach out if you need any support or if you wish to have a chat to explore some options in working with me as a counsellor or as a coach. We are not meant to do this life alone.


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