It was a while ago that I watched one of Oprah’s shows and she spoke of surrender. It was so profound that it stayed with me and has been brought up in my thoughts recently. Sometimes we get caught up, without awareness, in a mode of living that asks us to fight. Face the reality as it is. Get up and try again. 

I know what you’re thinking…isn’t that resilience? Isn’t that strength and determination? Well, yes it is. Sometimes.

You see sometimes there is a message amongst all this roughage, that you need to step out of the way. That you just need to take a moment give it time and space to become and evolve into what it was originally intended. Sometimes it is not just up to you, because your vision is not a broad or not as caring as it can or should be. 

Surrendering to the forces around you, the same ones that support you, may feel like a loss or like you are giving in. It may even feel like you are going against all that you believe in, all that you have been investing in so you can create and have. What if surrendering means humbly allowing the universe take over fully? What if surrendering means take a step back to see the direction of flow? What if surrendering means you can create with intention and collaboration? 

What if surrendering means trusting that it will all be ok? I don’t want to go into religion but I will just mention that I truly believe there are forces or at least a force bigger than us humans. It’s hard to grasp that the same force has created the “good” in this world just like it created the “bad”. It makes me think of Yin and Yang. Not so much about good and bad but rather opposites or contrasts. Everything that is created has its opposite. In the same volume in the same capacity, just opposite.

 Surrendering means giving up the desire in having what you want in the only way that you see how. When your desire is pure and carries elevated emotions/vibrations, the universe provides and matches your desire. Sometimes we get lost in the details and without noticing, attach negative emotions or low vibrations to something, like jealousy or spite or resentment and anger, we then go about chasing our goals and not realizing the pain and suffering we caused ourselves and our loved ones in the process. Suddenly finding ourselves in resistance or lack of flow.

Why am I writing about all this right now?? I guess I just want you to check in with you!!  Are you in a fighting mode? Are you feeling like you are pushing shit up hill? How can you take the pressure off and get out of the way? How can you allow nature take its course? I know this may sound foreign, especially if you are so used in taking matters to your own hands. Be more action oriented and responsible. This may be just the pause you need so you can get clearer at where you’re at. Get a chance to re-evaluate and simply check in on your values, your direction, your intention. Myself included.

Following the road of less resistance is not always easy when there are medical interventions, other people, other factors. Even on that road you must remember that it is, in a way, also created by a bigger force. You can waste your time and energy trying to figure out why or why not or why not yet, either way you are still in the way and that produces more resistance. So I say surrender to it all, let it all go in the way that the universe intend for it. You don’t have to have all the answers, you don’t have to be in control of it all, that’s an illusion anyways. You are only in control of what you breathe and how you breathe, so get back to that. When you allow the rhythm of breath through you, you allow the universe to work it’s magic. So next time you find yourself holding your breath, remember to surrender to the resistance and the blocks that you set for your potential. 

 Getting back to your breath, immediately assist with regulating your nervous system. That allows you to connect with your inner being, with your purpose, with what is true for you right now. From there, getting out of the way and allow things to fall into place will feel, calm, at ease and with no urgency. When you are tapping into the energy of urgency there is a push that may lead to regret, un calculated risks and the potential to self sabotage or stress all over again, which can possibly lead you to push against the resistance that created this loop in the first place. So wherever you are right now, straighten yourself up, take a deep deep breath in and release a breath out through your mouth.

Try this little trick when exhaling, blowing up your cheeks and allowing the air out through your mouth when your lips are shaped with a little O. Or you can try the FO(Frontal; Occipital) hold when breathing in and out, to connect and engage your full brain, to assist with relaxation and nervous system regulation.

I’m not sure what is the reason for the pressure I feel right now, is it the end of financial year, is it the terrible news we received from the states about overturning the abortion laws, is it the countdown to when we leave to Greece, is it the pressure I put on myself to get certain things done before I go. Whatever it is, I know I needed those breathing exercises right now. It’s no wonder I try to incorporate it in my facials, in my morning routine, in the shower. I hope you too found it useful. I hope you too find gaps where you can surrender yourself, your actions and your desires to the bigger forces out there.

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