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We are on the ferry back from Corfu Island in Greece. There were so many wonderful moments exactly like I have imagined and there were some surprisingly challenging ones like you might expect. Mostly though, I was living in the moment, embracing the gift of life and how fortunate I felt throughout the past few weeks. I don’t think I ever want to travel on my own again. Whilst last year has contributed tremendously to my personal growth, I am not here on my own. On this planet, in this world. I feel like I, as a human, get to grow more and be more when I am with people around me. With my husband, with some friends and soon with my family.

Some of the most uplifting moments happened when we engaged with some of the small business owners on our travels.

Like Katerina from the cafe we had breakfast at, almost every morning. She runs a sweet little cafe right on the water in the town of Petritis together with her brother who normally lives in the UK during winter. They were both so kind to us, always cooking something special for us and our friends, they even offered us their own home cooked lunch one day, so we can have a variety. Obviously, Bill has shared our story with them over the week and Katerina gave us a children’s book she just published. A sweet story about the bear and the bee who become best friends. Bill will have to translate when the time comes. 

Another random interaction was at a very busy section of restaurants on the next town. We drove past and hoped to find a place for a bit of a dance. Suddenly, we heard live music right on the beach opposite that same section so we quickly pulled up, as usual found a parking straight away(it is one of Bill’s super powers) so we walked along the restaurants and one particularly stood out. It was clean and tidy, organized with just the right amount of space between the tables. I thought to myself, the owner here can focus on volume but he chose quality. I wasn’t wrong. The owner- Demitri, took care of us like we were his own family. He had other guests/customers, but it felt like all the focus and care was on us. The food was outstanding. He offered us some delicious digestives and local Ouzo with some lemon and ginger. Just amazing!! He even joined us for a drink once most of his guests have left, by that time we realized that the music stopped as well, so it was time for plan B which took us for a long drive around town with no luck. We head to our villa eventually, exhausted and happy.

Now I’m on the plane heading to Israel. Seeing my family is such a delight. We spoke about how it may be around my family now. The dynamic would be different as there is a brand new niece and her mum which I have yet to meet. Mum and dad and everyone else is a year and a half older since I last saw them. I am older and different. We are all a little different after the past few years. I believe, different in a good way. More loving and understanding. More real and direct. More health focus and joy driven. I’m so glad we had a few weeks in Greece as it allowed us both to unwind, enjoy life our way, reconnect with ourselves and with each other. It felt like Bill specifically charged up his essence and his roots. It’s like he sat on the fertile ground of Greece and dug his fingers into the earth and connected to where his heritage is from. We laugh that he tans as soon as he relaxes not necessarily due to sun exposure. That makes me so happy, as it has been a while since I saw him so relaxed and happy. 

And that simply makes me happy too.

I can easily conclude that this trip, so far, has exceeded our expectations, we are both so relaxed. Happy with where we are right now. Everything is exactly as it should be. There are so many moments, experiences and delicious memories that have been created so far and I am simply feeling utterly blessed. 

The Image I chose to share is one of many and I chose it as I felt so many ways are still open, are always open if you just look and take your time. I know I am talking in metaphors often, but don't you think that one stands out in particular. No matter where you are, if one pathway is showing you darkness, difficulties, stuckness there sure is one to show you lightness, ease, flow. Sure we learn through the darker times, but it doesn't always have to be like that. There are other ways, they may require you to adapt or even change your ways, but new options are always there.

Anyways, writing this has been broken over so many days and I just want to share it with you so I can go on and enjoy my time in Israel. 
Thanks again for being here and reading this.

Lots of love.


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I am so pleased that you and Bill have had this wonderful time away together, to relax and go back to where your roots are from. Sending my love and good wishes to you both.
Christine 💜

Christine Taylor September 04, 2022

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