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The quickest embryo transfer ever!!

It is a little mind blowing that all the work and preparation leading up to this moment felt like a lifetime and then just like that, in a total of 30 minutes of walking into the clinic we were already outside waiting for our taxi. I laugh as I write this as this could be a description of anything that one may experience in life. All the way from setting a financial goal, an athletic achievement, a graduation of any kind, setting up a business, organise a wedding, I think you get what I’m saying. I understand that the rest of it is yet to come, like maintaining healthy pregnancy and delivery, as well as have your child then watch them grow up. I just wish that the rest of the road will be as easy and smooth.

The effort a person puts towards succeeding in something is concluded with a short moment of recognition by themselves or others. But by no means cultivate the sweat and tears poured along the way.

Due to Covid, Bill couldn’t even be in the room with me. I didn’t have a chance to get upset about it and the whole thing was over. The worst I had to deal with was the very full bladder I had to have for the procedure to happen.

Bill was shocked as I returned back into the room he was at, so I can release that pressure, and to tell him it was all done. We settled our account and ordered a taxi.

For a moment I thought to myself, has this really just happened? It felt more technical than ever, a small transaction, medical in and out, no time or space for any spirit intervention. We had to get to the pharmacy and collect the rest of the medications to support us for the next few weeks. It was in a huge shopping centre(every man’s worst nightmare) we bought some shoes just to make this whole thing a touch more comfortable, what can I say, therapy had to start straight away...haha.

We finally got to our hotel and I called in all the blessings all the spirits all the gods and goddesses, then filter away all the ones that do not wish us well and success. All I wanted was to rest, nurture and start my bond with these little ones. Not completely sure what is the attention span for beings at that stage, but since we and everything is energy, I’ll just make sure we are all vibrating at the same positive frequency available.

Today I’m truly turning on the receptors of love and joy into our lives. If living mindfully means have every thought and every action with deliberate intention. Be and stay switched on best you can, and if you lose your connection to the source, have a nap.

Just so happened I’m at the land of naps and afternoon siestas. In fact I could now nap whenever I choose. How blessed am I?

Last time that I was here back in February 2021, it was -1°, alone, in lockdown the whole time, moving from one airbnb to another was the absolute highlight, I kept busy with online courses (on Sydney day time)and some self development work, living off food deliveries. Today July 2022, is building up to be 34°, Bill is with me every step of the way(except for shopping and such), I continue building my online business at my leisure, self development is always on as I live every moment with intention, enjoying the great Greek cuisine and excellent Frappes(traditional cold Greek coffee). You won’t be seeing any cocktails recipes or images anywhere, just not my thing in general and definitely not right now.

We are both looking forward to leave our laptops shut for at least a week in a couple of days. We are heading to Corfu(Greek Island), for the holiday part of this trip. The general direction is maximum relaxation. Shutting work is an essential part of it, but at the same time, we know it has allowed us both to make this happen. If it meant that we check in with work a few hours a day and then go back to more relaxation, so be it. We are blessed to be able to do that. It’s been such a long and tough ride so far, the fertility challenge. I remember years ago when I would speak to people that had 10 rounds and thought that was mad!! Here we are on round 12-13 feeling blessed to be given the opportunity to give it another go and feeling as positive and hopeful as we felt in the very first round.

I’m not sure if I ever explained why Greece before at this space. Back in 2019 we were told that it was time to look into egg donation. While it is possible to acquire 6 frozen eggs from the international egg bank in Australia, it is not anonymous, it’s about $25K-$30k USD!! The program we found in Greece is anonymous, each egg collection is $6K euros for all viable eggs(our donor gave us 12) , it’s a fresh cycle- which means eggs are fertilised before freeze(gives a better chance and quality embryos we now have 7 healthy and genetically tested), and while doing the procedure enjoy a Greek holiday and a possible visit to Israel.

We assumed it would simply take one go!! Well...we just had our 4th egg donation transfer.

Feeling blessed for this opportunity is an understatement. Surviving through 13 rounds together is a miracle and a lot of work. A LOT of work!! We are a little older and a little more humble. We know that without love and respect this wouldn’t have worked. I love that we have evolved together and already growing old together and that brings so much more kindness and acceptance to this multi layered, rich love affair. Rich in every way. We both look forward to growing our family and our connection as it deepens and aligns even more. Finding the way to communicate our needs to each other has not been easy. In fact it has been very hard. Everytime we faced another challenge as a couple there were other things going on in our individual lives and it was important to allow each other to find a way to communicate where we are at every time.

Not always able to do that kindly not to self and not to each other. The point is...we did. The best way I can describe it is going back to basics, going back to our why. Why are we here? Why are we on this road together? Why do we do what we do? Don’t mistake that with over analysing, trust me I’m very good at that, what I’m talking about here is very simple. This is on a knowing level. A felt level. A simple check in with our values. Are we still on track with that one together? Does something need tweaking? Going back to connection with self and with what is true to us as individuals. Are we honest? Are we truthful? It’s easy because it immediately feels good and at ease. That’s the vibration you want to be in and that is exactly where we are right now. So very blessed. I hope you can understand and follow because it is true no matter where you are in your relationships. With yourself and or with others.

Checking in on your values is a great practice to stay in alignment, and when you are in alignment you are happy and free. I highly recommend finding a way that works for you, a way to connect to your essence, your inner being, your source, your god or goddess. I want to be clear, I don't mean that in a religious form but rather the spiritual one. I truly believe there is only one god and that it exists in each of us. It's the essence you connect to within that holds all the answers that you seek as it has been here many times before. That's the power of knowing and blessings that I call out here today.

Thank you once again for being here and support me with your presence.

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You are on the right track with your mind and body. Enjoy your time away and don’t overdo things. Sending my love and hugs to you, remember think positive thoughts as the mind is very powerful.
Love Christine 💜

Christine Taylor September 04, 2022

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