Evolving Beauty

Being in the beauty industry for the past +25 years, I keep finding myself struggling with the fast pace we are all living, and the fast expectations that we have to get results. The expectations that things should happen right now.
I'm not talking just about skin & body, I'm talking about any general attitude towards a problem or solution at all.
We plant a seed one day and expect the tree to be there in the morning. We forgot to enjoy the process that requires time, dedication, connection, nurturing, mishaps, lessons, fall backs, recover, season change, loving, the big picture, healing, reconnecting...you get my point.
I see people every day that seek the improvement of their skin. I also see what may hide behind the lines, the pigment marks, the dark circles, the breakouts.
Most of you want to fix and attend the superficial condition, the one that is only a reflection of what truly goes on inside of you. Some get stuck on this everlasting race and forget to breathe or rest or observe. That's where the correction begins. Being able to show up for yourself as yourself and understand where are those conditions coming from and what do they mean.
I remember when I first open Maya Medispa in 2009(my previous business), clients were expecting to see cosmetic nurse or some invasive treatments to support what the name suggested. I only now realise that I was trying to catch up with an industry that I struggle to represent. Fast forward 10 years- this is the norm. Clients of the industry are getting younger as i'm pretty sure they wished they could apply their Instagram filter on their faces at real time.
Over the past decade beauty and cosmetic procedures have merged together and created illusions or desires to hide what you don't like and pretend it is not even there. The results are quick. The lines are gone. So is your expression. So is the real you.
I think I can safely exclude the ones that at least admit and are open about procedure they may have had. To some degree they can be open about their truth, but are they really facing it? Literally.
Please understand, there is no judgement here, just observation. I had botox on my forehead a few times, and I do it because I don't like my worry lines. My face can be very animated with it and show the heavy worries I bare daily. The work I do on myself is ongoing, and for now, I feel this helps me jump a conversation that is not always needed or suitable. There it is right there, wanting to have real conversations that bring about all kinds of emotions, are not always so timely.
The ability to be you. Just you. That's where the real beauty lives.
No games, no masks, no roles, no bandaids, no pretending, no hiding.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"- often others can see your beauty but not you. You may be covering it up with a whole lot of "shoulds" foundation, while others appreciate and see you as you.
I'm talking about people that truly see you.
Those that have experienced your beauty with all its glory.
Pure. Raw. Magnificient.
So go on and just be you, best decision you'll ever make.

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