Emails from the clinic have been sent to me for the past 3 years. Yesterday, a very important email has been sent into my junk and I totally missed it!! As you may remember from my post, things got a little hectic and unclear after my last ultrasound. I needed to go and get a second one a few days ago so we can confirm if we are indeed continuing as planned or if we need to cancel treatment.

Needless to say it’s been the longest week and wait in between scans. I finally did the second ultrasound l, this time at a different location with hopes to get the images straight away and with no issues. Well I did. No issues with images, but the doctors in Greece still wanted to see the report which was now being delayed in delivery. Look, I know this is just  bureaucracy but I begin to lose my mind. Why aren’t this things more efficient? Why can’t I have immediate access to my reports or images? I know the girls at the counters just doing their jobs, but honestly this is madness. Or am I the mad one here!? 

You’ve heard of this before, I am sure, turn your focus into gratitude and appreciation when you feel stuck and out of flow. You know those moments when you feel your world is out of your control and it is time to hand over and surrender... At my Yoga practice during the week, I sensed a great release from a heavy baggage, it came immediately after I gave myself permission to stay present with my truth and be in the appreciation of that moment. Simply be kind to myself, my body and what it needs at this moment. I'm so glad I'm learning to listen to it so much more and I highly recommend you do the same. It is your best guiding system.

I just had to look at the meaning for those two words according to Google dictionary.


  1. the quality of being thankful
  2. readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


  1. recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.
  2. a full understanding of a situation.

In one of the conversations with Bill I managed to find some comfort. He had so much calmness and trust in his voice and his outlook on all of this, and just by talking to him for a bit I felt like I could let it go, and what will be will be. Just carry on with the plan in its general direction and the universe will take care of the details, the timing and the divine.

And so… here we go!!

I can tell you right now that we are good to go and transfer of embryos is scheduled for mid next week. As hoped for, everything has worked out for me, for us, after all. Exhausted and excited we are coming to get you kiddos. 

It’s been a particularly busy month in preparation and I am so grateful for all the support and love which ever way I’ve turned and whoever I met along the way. I want you to know that I am extremely thankful for your part in all this. Yes you that is reading this right now, you have been my driving force, and my supportive distraction from any negative influence on this process. Writing here has been an outlet of wild emotions as well as a sense of belonging to such a broad and loving community of women who I know have my back and you, my dear, is definitely one of them. There’s been a few tears and there will be a whole lot more. They seem to be coming around even more frequently (thank you HRT), but it’s when I feel a deep sense of gratitude. It’s the most beautiful feeling. It’s like the most exquisite orgasm, it feels so good you want to cry. You feel it taking over your body and you surrender to the burst of emotions, of joy, of sensations on every cell in your body.

By the time you’ll read this I’ll be half way across the world, adjusting to new time zone and temperatures. Everything feels like it is exactly how it should be and we both feel as ready as ever to continue our life together as a loving couple with hopes and wishes to expand our love to new life creations and blessings.

Thank you again for being here and sharing this space with me. Tune in soon for more of our adventures on the Greek land and more.

Lots of love


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My heart is with you Maya, good things come to those that have waited! 💜

Christine Taylor September 04, 2022

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